Flirting 101:

What is flirting? We’ll start with the definition and move on to a detailed and interactive exploration of the rules of social engagement — and how to break them. We’ll look at what you already know, where you get stuck, and how to tell if you’re succeeding. Then we’ll dive into the deep end and talk about taking risks, making mistakes, getting rejected, and how these are the stepping stones to success.

Advanced Flirting:

Flirting 101 ends with homework and assignments, and we’ll examine how those went for everyone, what worked and what didn’t. This workshops is hands-on and we’ll practice a number of approaches to engaging with others, with comments from the rest of the group so we can tell how we come across. This is fun, hard work, and ends with a certificate of “Flirting Competence” you can carry in your wallet to show off any time you like.

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